Need a banner graphic to promote your next music video on instagram? We provide the best designs online hands down! With our designs we have a 48hr turnaround and we provide unlimited revisions with our work so once you receive the design if any changes are needed we can make them until we get the exact feel you're looking for. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


For details contact:

1. Complete payment via paypal, credit card or debit.

2. Email with all the necessary info for your project. Include artist name and song or album title. Attach the video file or a link to the video. Please specify if would like a specific clip of the video to be used.

3. You will receive an email with your file within 48 hours of payment. This will be a 60 second or less mp4 video file.

4. Any additional changes or edits will be sent within 24 hours free of charge.

5. Tag @higradetv on instagram for a repost.

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